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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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true, always

Chihuahua's don't always annoy you as they used to

they never did annoy me

life is good

true. consider the alternative.

You're going to be watching the TV with interest this evening

if you mean Monday, true, but not that debate. I watched the CBS Late Show wrap-up because he was live.

you know someone who says "trousers" instead of "pants"

true! (the silly old nerd) Sometimes he says trous or trou

you know someone who pronounces licorice as liquor-iss in lieu of liquor-ish

false  You know, that's one word I've never looked up.  For all I know it could be "kritch."  I mentioned trousers because I think it sounds cool.  I don't say it, but might if I ever thought to before speaking.  Then there's always the phrase "drop trou" which is a standard comedian thing.  Gonna go look up licorice.  Huh.  It's ish first then schwa s, second - like liquorous.  Who knew?

you prefer the 20th century dictionary pronunciation signs to the new (for the sake of new?) ones.

(yeah, he hailed from western PA, and they said liquorous there)


the grass is always greener in your neighbor's yard

false, literally and figuratively

when you hear the word calypso, you think ship before dance

maybe true.  I think of some character in Ulysses, who lured the sailors to an island.so, sort of ship-ish,not the dance.

When you hear Fiji you think of the bottled water before the island


when you've bought the book and it turns out to be drivel, you toss it so some other poor soul won't waste his time on it

false (donate to the book drop, since my drivel might be another's treasure)

you know 3 people named Melissa


when you see horses, you still think "horsies" because of all the kids you've known who say that 




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