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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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Wow!some stocking

*wow, some stocking!*

It was part of the fun.

You have had plum pudding at Christmas more than once.

I have. Yum.

You used to make your own Christmas wrapping paper.

Yeah. A time or two. Stamps dipped inink. Etc

You made those dried oranges covered with cinnamon and cloves. What are they called

Yup, I did! They're called pomanders (or at least that's one name for them).

You made popcorn and orange and cranberry (or other fruit) garlands for the birds. 

Just the popcorn. Didn't think of the  ranberries.

You prefer to make your own cranberry sauce with fresh berries

Not really. I know it's "bad," but I like the canned jellied kind.

When you were a kid, your mom used to have a big can of Charles Chips or pretzels in the kitchen.

(Yeah, the canned kind is fun too. It s shaped like a can and has stripes around it)

The chips sound more like John's mom . My mom had bowls full of fruit).

When you were a kid, there were always cheeses of various kinds in the house. 

Yes. I had a special basket of "stinky cheeses," like Limburger. LOL

Your mom didn't make many casseroles.

The usual; Mac and cheese, tuna noodle casserole

Your mom once made something called "American Chop Suey," mainly macaroni and beef and tomato sauce. Maybe beans or onions

No. She didn't make casseroles--don't know why.

At some point you had an inflatable pool in your backyard.


You kept a solid plastic pool for your dogs 

Inflatable. Or they'd get in the real pool when we had one.

You used to have tall, full Christmas trees--sometimes live.




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