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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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Hmmmm. John Wayne, to me, is more a personality and presence than an actor. I love him, but don't really attribute much "artistry" to him. Clint Eastwood moves me much more as a director than an actor.

You know who James Mason was.

I have to agree with you. Yes, on Mason

You know who Perry Mason was

Yes. And I even know who Raymond Burr was. lol

You know a Mason (of the mysterious brotherhood variety)

Yes, actually. He claims there is nothing mysterious or shady about their group.

You knew a mason who actually did masonry.

Haha! I knew you were going to go there.  Yes, I did.

You use Mason jars for canning and to store beans, pasta, and so forth. (Okay--I pushed it too far. ツ )

Yup!  :^)

You used to can produce and make your own  bread at one time

I did. I miss that.

You used to make your own pie crust, but not so much anymore.

No. I flaked out :^) on the pie crusts all along. It was my mom who was the perfect crust maker)

You have a recipe for a rum-soaked Bundt cake. 

Hmmmm, I'm not sure I do. I have a yummy Midori (melon liqueur) soaked Bundt cake and a rum-soaked fruitcake though. ツ

You can't stand Spritz cookies.

I actually don't know what they are. 

Oreos are not your favorite thing.

(Spritz cookies were ubiquitous in the 60s, but they're still around. They're those bland cookies made from sugar cookie or shortbread-type dough squeezed through a die into little shapes and often sprinkled with colored sugar. Bleh!)

Nope, Oreos aren't my favorite.

You like fudgy chocolate brownies.

Yes. I just finished a tray!

You are dismayed that extracts, like vanilla  evaporate so fast




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