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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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Having no will power any longer, I avoid that. ツ

When you were a kid, you liked to separate your Halloween candy into neat piles by type.

Nope. All in one bowl. Ate the savory chocolate bars first , the Reeses, and saved the gum and too sweet candy corn for last.

You never cared for the candy corn.

Correct! My best friend loved it!

You like caramel apples better than the red cinnamon candy-shelled apples.

I think so , hard choice

Where you live, the town puts on a big shebang for kids and adults alike on Halloween. 

Yes, I think they do. I'm not sure.

You remember getting apples, homemade popcorn balls, and all kinds of homemade treats from random strangers (LOL) on Halloween, and your parents didn't think twice about allowing you to have them.

Yes! I was just going to ask you if you remembered that .

You didn't think so much of the apple treats in those days.

I actually loved the caramel and red cinnamon apples! I wasn't a big fan of popcorn balls, except my mom's, which were ooey, gooey and wouldn't pull your teeth out. LOL. I generally liked the homemade stuff better than the candy. (Also, we only got to keep one candy bar--the rest went to "needy" children, as we called them then. As an adult I think, "Oh. great--so we could give all the underprivileged kids diabetes!") 

Your mom made your costumes.

Very often she did, and no sewing machine, so all by hand

You liked to dress up different, and not the usual


You sometimes listen to scary fiction read on YouTube.

Not too conversant w YouTube, but radio shows, yes. 

You kids did the scary story campfire thing

Yes! Loved it!

You love staying in a cabin in the woods, but you want window coverings. ツ


You love camping ,but want electrical hook-up and water access, beds off the floor. (Pure projection )




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