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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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(There is a great self-publishing site https://www.blurb.com/ which allows you to create a book of any type in many different formats and price points. You can buy one book or 100. I've used it for personal cookbooks and poetry books for gifts. OR, if you'd want to do a binder with recipes you've printed out, I'd be more than happy to design a personalized binder for you on Zazzle. ツ )

Yes, I've sort of cobbled things together at times with good results.

While you prefer savory food, you do love making an over-the-top dessert for guests.

Actually, no. Not much of a dessert mavens

It is rather noisy in your neighborhood right now

Nope. Quiet, as always.

You have good friends you haven't seen in many years.

That is true. 

Some old friends from long ago recently got in touch out of the blue 


If you could, you'd gather your best old friends and relive a certain time or experience with them.

Yes, I would. 

Sometimes you relive these experiences in your dreams

In daydreams. All my night dreams are nightmares.

You still have dreams in which you're flying.

Not for a while

You are often racing to catch up in your dreams

Actually, I'm usually running like hell from something. ツ

You don't, so much, have naked dreams any longer; instead, you're often dishevelled and ragged.

That is true.

You don' mind being disheveled and ragged for periods of time,  but like to straighten up for trips to town

Haha! In RL now, I'm dishevelled and ragged pretty much every day. I do clean up on occasion... ツ

You like variety. You were never one to have perfect hair, and wear makeup and nail polish every day.

That is so true

You can't seem to keep a watch. Either you lose out or break it,  in very short order 




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