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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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Hahaha! Of COURSE!!!! :>) It's a pitched percussion instrument.

You can still pat your head and rub your stomach in a circular motion at the same time. LOL.

Yes. Still. Lol. 

You can chew gum and drum your fingers at the same time

I think so. Hahaha!

You can curl your tongue up into a tube.

Nope, never could.

You can whistle with 2 fingers inserted into your mouth, loudly, and shrilly 

Nope. I can barely whistle normally.

You whistle like a nightingale. ツ

Ha, ha.. like a dying crow.

You have heard crows have an extraordinary capacity for memory. 

Yup--they can even recognize/remember human faces!

You, on the other hand, have very little capacity for memory. :>) (I have sh*t  for memory.)

Lately, that is true. 

You have known squirrels to eat strange things, such as Oreos.

Oh, man--squirrels will eat anything. We used to have a wild squirrel family who would knock on our bedroom window just to hang out.

You know you should be wary of animals in the wild, but you just can't summon the approriate fear to keep you from wanting to get close to them.

Yes, that is true. 

At one time, you tried to get the wild birds to eat from your hand. 

Yup. And they did, but then I thought that may not be a good thing for them.

You abhore how so many people treat animals.

In general, but I don't know any animal mis-treaters personally.

You sometimes make your own curry recipe 




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