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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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Yes, and other loud household noises, like something dropped.

The street where you live is mostly quiet, most of the time.

It is, yes.

You have owned cross-country skis.

Nope. No skis in my past or my future.

You once owned snow shoes

I did. I love both skiing and snowshoeing.

You still write a few Christmas cards.

A few. The grandkids, mostly 

You have a small tabletop "tree,' either green or ceramic

I have a lovely flocked snowman themed tree a friend gave me.

You love being a grandmother.

Pretty much

Your neighborhood mainly consists of people your own age. Not too many strollers or tricycles


You feel you never really knew your parents as people.

My dad died young, 31. But I felt that I knew his heart quite well. I got to know my mom better after she was gone, going thru a lot of the things she had gone thru.

You're enjoying the foliage still, but not looking forward to cooler weather.

I adore cold weather. Sadly, now I have to worry about heating bills, so...

What kind of cult would you start?

Don't know. A reading a chapter of a book every day cult? Library worship.

You have a fuzzy blanket and a comforter that are go-to for you

("Library worship." I'll be your first devotee. lol)

Actually, my favorite blanket is a surplus camouflage military poncho liner. It's not pretty, but it's soft, lightweight, and warm.

If you had to choose one only, you'd prefer to eat spicy foods rather than totally bland foods.




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