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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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True. ツ

You like Honey Crisp apples.

Yes, but I like Envy and Jazz better

You used to climb a crab apple tree as a kid

(Geez, I haven't tasted either. Are they sweet and crispy or more sour?)

Yup. I climbed every tree. I loved the HUGE banyan tree outside my house in Oahu, HI.

You have slid down a waterfall.

They are sweet and crisp in a cider y way, not overly sweet. Have a short season and hard to find. 

No waterfall.

When you were really little, you tried to reach the end of the rainbow once

Never the end of the rainbow, but Narnia several times.

You still feel the urge to look in any wardrobes you encounter.

True, especially those in antique stores for ancient treasure

You have now, or once had a stand-alone wardrobe.

I did, yes.

You have antiques, and while you love their workmanship and family history you sometimes want to replace them with something sleek and modern.

That is true. 

You furnish with a bold mix of old and new,  and no excuses!


You love color and texture and mixing patterns in an interesting way.


. Asymmetry, too.

You are happy to share your recipes, rather than keep them secret


You have made a "Family Recipes" book for your daughter.

Gosh, no. (Would have to be granddaughters in my case). But that would be an excellent idea!

You have made up a spectacular special recipe for a dessert, which is impressive, but also easy. 




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