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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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ha, no

you've seen someone who can crack walnuts by hand

(I sort of meant by hand with a nutcracker.)

ah, false

you like pecans best


when you see the word "trope", you can hear Leon Russell singing "Tightrope"

nope ,I see "strobe," I don't know why.

you are amused when you hear "I see three" come over the loudspeaker at the drug store

I don't even know what that means - IC3?  And, if so, what does that mean?

All the big bad wolves suddenly getting de-fanged is not so much an "about time" as it is a head-shaker.  This doesn't feel like whistle-blowing; this feels like duh.  Sure, the creeps are creepy.  But what ever happened to blowing the whistle at the time of the creepiness?

(When the manager notices as many as 3 people in line, they call "I see 3" - code for someone on the floor should step up and open another register)

yeah, a lot to digest all at once, and so past the shelf life

you always take a cart in the store, whether you need just a few or a lot of items

If 1 or 2 items, no.  If a few, yes, because those hand-held baskets are heavy when full of "a few" items.

the word "Ritz" makes you think of Frankenstein's monster doing that number first

false (the round snack cracker)

when you hear the word fountain, you think of water and not carbonated drinks

True. Well, actually, I now think of Richard Fountain who is a concert pianist and the son-in-law of a friend.

The word "kerfuffle" makes you think of an unsatisfying dessert made out of egg whites and fruit.


for you waffle is a breakfast item and not a mental flip-flop

True--With apple cider syrup or fresh fruit on it!

You've celebrated Hogmanay.


you've eaten haggis




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