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Do many of you get a lot of trick or treaters? I used to look forward to them, especially the little ones, but I live we never see them.  Do you enjoy seeing all the kids dressed up?

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As we speak....I am sitting on my front porch with my IPad....handing out candy. I have had about 100 kids so far. It's sprinkling on me a little.... But I am having fun. The kids in my neighborhood are so nice. And the costumes are so cute. Even some of the parents are dressed up! We'll be done at 8:00, and I will go in. My son came home a little while ago, and, just to be silly, I said, "So what are you dressed as, young man?"..... To which he replied, "A disgruntled government worker".

It should be starting pretty soon, here in CA.  It's a mixed bag for me: I love seeing the kids, but since my son moved back home, we have 4 dogs between us, and they will be over-excited and barking all night long.  MY son works until midnight, so it's all on me.  Oh well, it's only once a year!!

I'm sitting in my kitchen waiting ... no kids so far! I have three bags of candy that I can't eat! Pretty soon I'll be turning off the porch light.

I could have used that candy. We ran out in an hour and they are still coming! Five bags wasn't enough. What gripes me is the older kids/adults that show up. There should be an age limit. Like if your in your teens or above you need to volunteer at a Halloween fair and leave the trick or treating to the youngsters.

We don't get a whole lot of kids, but I just put a bowl on the porch with a sign "help yourself- but leave some for the ones following you" Usually works and sometimes there is even stuff in the bowl the next morning.


We usually get tons of kids. Some from other neighborhoods that are somewhat unsafe or just don't give out candy. I'm well-prepared for the onslaught. This year my Son-in-law and daughter will sit in the driveway with my firepit and hand out the goodies. The grandkids are on their own for the first time this year. Oh also, my daughter is going to the hospital tomorrow to have her labor induced. A future Halloweener and grandkid #8!

last year I didn't get any trick or treaters(Halloween was postponed due to Sandy)2 years ago,i didn't get any trick or treaters(Halloween was postponed due to blizzard)today I didn't get any trick or treaters(I don't know why,it's a nice night 70 degrees).

Can I come and beg for candy? 

I'll take my mask OFF to scare you.  ;-)

I know you have a thing for dark chocolate,i have plenty left over.

Ooh, send me some!! 

i'll email it.(=





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