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Since the original TPAM went walk about along with its creator, I would like to bring this discussion back to the forum.

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TLLAB ("LL" stands for "Lovely Ladies") are all correct.

(Damn. I AM smooth.)
TPAM is giving on-line Cassanova lessons.
I can DO that?!

TPAM has just given me a really, really bad idea.
TPAM is all set to jump in his hot rod, put on some Beach Boy tunes and go to the beach to catch some waves. Surf and Drag Snagg.
I'm more into some Dead Kennedys and stark-naked parasailing, but what the hell....It IS a nice day, and I find myself at unexpectedly loose ends this afternoon...

TPAM rocks a righteous air guitar solo whenever "Layla" comes on the radio.
That's no sail.

TPAM should know better than to tempt me like that. I cannot resist a fat, juicy grapefruit like that one.
TPAM was once a roadie for Rammstein.
TPAM was at a fork in the road of life but decided to try the cul-de-sac for the last decade.
TPAM is photogenic but chooses not to share the beauty.
TPAM closed their eyes at the fork and let the Harley take them were it would.
TPAM was lost in Costco last weekend.
tpam is going handgliding today




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