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Since the original TPAM went walk about along with its creator, I would like to bring this discussion back to the forum.

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TPAM once punched a clown in his (fake) nose.
TPAM hasn't heard about Seth Putnam yet. Sad.
TPAM is my second cousin and a supremely competent mens cologne salesman.
I don't wear cologne - I just point out to customers that they might smell like me if they don't wear any. Works like a charm.


TPAM has barely scratched the surface.

TPAM was confused and brought French onion dip to the skinny dipping party.

TPAM once outboxed a kangaroo......


(Snagg, my F/B profile was full of A/C videos on Sunday in homage to Seth....we had a gig Saturday and I found out Sunday morning. Bummer.)

TPAM is getting Soap On A Rope for Fathers Day.
tpam is getting a spanking for Father's day
TPAM wants to spank TPAher!

TPAM knows what you did last summer......   :-P


TPAM seems to have cornered the FAIL market here.
tpam likes to chase tornadoes.




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