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Empty restless bed,
Skin Starvation epidmic!
Ahhhh!!!! FOUR nights snuggling....

Now, NOW I'm alive!
Refilled, refreshed, and restored!
No friend's more treasured.

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When it rains, it pours --
Treasured old friend's back in town!
We greet skin-to-skin.
skin so soft and sweet
my touch welcomed with a smile
start of something fine
getting wet is great
diving head first in the deep
the touch of Neptune
they say he was touched
don't think they meant by divine
I look at his strengths
shudders at my touch
hair stands up on her bare arm
is this a good thing?

Deliciously good --
The touch of his hand, his tongue:
His soul reaches mine.
You play my body
Like a Concert Master:
Sex as symphony.
Memories flood back --
Oh, Dodger! Please don't cry!
You're safe here with us!




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