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Who among you feels like you either have to have the last
word in a discussion, or feels like when you make a post it is a thread killer
and no one post behind you. I’ve killed a few threads among my last 20,000 or
so post, and I’ll probably do it again. Maybe even this time.

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Just so long as it's not a wooden one.
Ruh, roh!! (having a Saturday morning cartoon flashback!)
A lot of those Boomer/hippies are getting those chemical reruns. Must have been something they ate.
I know what you mean. I don't even want to replace the image of her as a sweet young lady.
Wait a minute, Cuppa - are you saying hippie and sweet young ladies are mutually exclusive?? I'm so sure that Marti was the sweetest young lady hippy.
I would never say Marti was hippy. You think I want to get smacked?
BTW we are gathering up at the DG2 to watch the Super Bowl. Come and join us. PM me for directions.
Just got this memo, Cuppa. Sounds like I missed a bowl of Super. That's football, right? ;-)
That kind of resembles me. THE THREAD KILLER PART! Let's see if it holds true?
Yep Craig it's sure enough true. You killed this one straight out. Ended it. Shot it through the intake prosessor. Now a call for pall bearers. Funeral at eleven.
Looks like it's like the Energizer bunny, and it just keeps on going.
and going...
Gotta get out the big guns....that silly rabbit!




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