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Who among you feels like you either have to have the last
word in a discussion, or feels like when you make a post it is a thread killer
and no one post behind you. I’ve killed a few threads among my last 20,000 or
so post, and I’ll probably do it again. Maybe even this time.

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OK, I admit it. . . I like to have the last word!
And I, the perfect gentleman, am always willing to let you have it.
That's just what you should do Cuppa.
Wow, someone taught you both well!
Ok, I know when I'm licked. I'll quit now.
Smart man!
You don't really think he'd acquiesce & let you have the last word, do you, Cat? ;-)
I know better. He's not giving up yet.
I do too RBAM, but I'll give it my best shot!
Moosie, You are full of it. Spot on advice that is. Got any more advice?
You see? It worked, Your name and ended with a question. I'm so impressed with your posting skills Woose Moose!
Is someone calling my name?




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