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Good morning!  First one here, so I'll open the doors for today.  Happy weekend to everyone. . 

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Pictures don't load. . . I guess it's another kink here.

The Daily Grind Too is also opened at eons.
Good Morning Cat and lck!
nice to meet you too lck. How is your morning going? Or is it the end of your night ..lol

Hey Cat..I checked if I could load a picture and didn't seem to have a problem. Let me see if I can do another :-)

nice picture. Where was it taken, in CA?
it is too bad that you have to work on a Saturday lck. Have a great day!
Good morning Janne and lck! Happy weekend to you!

OK, I just couldn't do it in the opening. . .
OK..looks like I am alone here..see everyone later!
Good morning Grinders. I need to start popping in here. Our 6 year old granddaughter just came out of her bedroom, she said she woke up at 5:55. Grandpa screwed up first thing, I put the disc in the WII backwards. lol

You don't suppose she'll want breakfast soon do ya?
Hi Larry! I have my granddaughter too, but I'm hoping she sleeps for another hour at least.

Larry, I wouldn't know what to do with a Wii! LOL. . . at least you knew what it was called! Not sure I've even seen one. . . how sad. *hangs head in shame*




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