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Hello Folks,
Welcome to our little coffee shop, where we just gather when we want to
take a little break, chat with whomever might be here at the moment and
get to know each other. It's a friendly little place and everyone is
welcome. Just say hello and folks here should respond. If no one
happens to be here at the moment, just stick around or keep an eye on
the last post to see who pops up to greet you

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Breakfast for dinner is great. I'll have some waffles.
Back for more waffles. And more coffee.
I've set the tables outdoors - anyone ready for a lazy Sunday breakfast?

Wow, sorry I missed breakfast. The setting looks great.
Save some for me. I have an early morning.
I'll pick-up some muffins while I'm out.
Evening, everyone. Hope it's been a nice weekend all around.
Hey, you're back!! How lovely!

Have a cool breakfast and tell us about your vacation! The part that's tellable, I mean. ,-D

I'm late. Is there anything left?
Oops, the laundry dryer just stopped. See you guys later.
You have a dryer out there in the middle of nowhere?

Hi everyone!
I was in West Union. It is the only incorporated town in the county. It also has a laundry mat. That's what the sign says. And a court house. A population of about 400. I think. I'll have to check. It's only 12 mi. from the farm and I can get the internet on my verizon air card there. TMI?
Nope. Not tmi at all. Good to see you Robbie!

Yes, Chez, I'm back from vacation, & it was GREAT, thanks! ummm.... hmmm.... well, not really much I can tell here that wouldn't be tmi for sure.
Great weather, nice cabin. Nice picnic one day. The Great Smoky Mountains are still beautiful. Good food. Too much drink. Too much watermelon. Oh! GREAT Amos Lee concert in Asheville! Hey, I guess I did have a lot of tellable vacation news. Oh, & I taught mr. hottie how to play Mexican Train Dominoes. '-)

And.... I was offered & accepted a job today!
D's Congrats!




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