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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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Impersonating Fred Flintstone and gross criminal negligence.


TM2T songs that everybody misinterprets.

Depends. What grade level are we talking about ? Example: Did you know that the Harvard School of Business offered a "business ethics" course in the 80's, and they had to cancel it because not one student enrolled in it ?

Personally, I'd go for "REALLY Critical Thinking" and "Painfully Honest Women's History".


TM2T more fun than watching somebody who can't even begin to make a coherent argument make an even bigger idiot of themselves by trying to change the subject in a pathetically-obvious manner, and really think that they've out-smarted everybody.


Watching a blow-hard get cut off at the knees on his own show, and catching a look at your old nemesis faded and dusty and going to hell fast.


TM2T you pass off as a secret recipe that are really a shameless shortcut?

Hmmmm. I've thought about this quite a bit. Best I've got is that I use pre packaged dough for my pizza, but it's not really a secret. (sorry, I give out my recipes to anybody that asks)

TM2T that need to be done tomorrow.

Hair needs washin', and "have to" go on a wine-tasting jaunt with friends. *Heh-hee*


TM2T you will out off doing as long as you can.

Anything and everything if they're not fun.


TM2T you like to do everyday.

Breathe and eat

TM2T that you should have done yesterday but didn't.

Rake leaves and cut the grass.

TM2T you are looking forward to. 

wine-tasting and seeing my old friends


TM2T you order with dinner at a restaurant

If I'm at Carrabba's, Calamari, and the Chicken Trio!!!!!!

What do you never order because you make it better at home?

cheeseburgers (except about once a year I get a craving for Sonic) and lemon chiffon pie


TM2T that are excuses for getting married.

"Well, no one ELSE will have me", and "VEGAS, BABY !!!"

TM2T I should play Sunday night in honor of Barbie making her debut (1959) and the USS Monitor battling the CSS Virginia (1862).




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