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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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Brussels sprouts and the new Nick cave & the Bad Seeds album.

TM2 instances where you found out that you could withstand a lot more pain and sacrifice than you thought you could.

The six week bout with stomach cramps due to a bad reaction to chemo, and the of the 3rd (out of 6 total) hernia surgery. Both of those times I was in new territory as far as how much pain I could stand. 

TM2T  you want ti do again.

Ride a roller coaster, swim in the ocean.

TM2T you like at the fair.

The end....and the end.

TM2T you wish weren't the topic of "reality TV"

Treating children as props and glorifying ignorance.

TM2T to drive the neighbors absolutely crazy.

Cholla and roses

TM2T you would add to your car that aren't already there.

Snow tires and a subwoofer.

TM2T you wish you still did on fresh snow that you did as a kid.

Running around in the middle of the night while unsuspecting decent people were sound asleep, and long bike rides to explore and learn every inch of this town that I live in.

TM2T we can do to MM that will make his head explode.

Openly Back Ashley Judd for senate, and circulate rumors that R P is out for his leadership post.


TM2T that would make JB extremely deprived, indeed.

Term limits and/or death squads

TM2T to watch on TV tonight

Sushi and waffles. At the same time.


TM2T that DON'T piss off evangelical Facebook friends.

Breathing and taking up space

TM2T Hannity could jailed for.




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