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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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Love and beer

TM2T you have never had

Rabies or a Heismann Trophy. I can live with that.


TM2T you're hoping for on Valentine's Day.

To wake up on the right side of the grass and a hug.

TM2T you wouldn't wish on another living soul. 

The family dramas I endured recently, and my Aunt Flo's beef pucks in a bun.


TM2T you can't cook to save your soul.

Sauerbraten and any kind of liver. In the case of the liver, it's more of a "won't" than a "can't".


TM2T I can tell myself to reassure myself that I'll be well enough to do the Valentine's Day show this Sunday.


You are one tough SOB, and if you don't do it, it won't be done right. 

TM2T that you have overcome 

George w. (shrub) Bush and Oprah

TM2T that still bother you late at night when no one is looking.

Running out of beer, and... having to make a late night beer run?

TM2T you need to give up.

Music and Barbecue.

TM2T that have mysteriously disappeared from your house recently.

Sanity and all seriousness.

TM2T that you got caught doing.

Sleeping and digging into the ice cream bucket just before bed time.

TM2T  that you would never wear.

A tutu and anything made of spandex.

TM2T you do every morning.




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