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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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I've repaired a beer cozy that was cracking from age, and temporarily held a screen in place so I could replace the spline.

TM2T you want to buy.

In a few weeks, the new Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds CD. And, if I can ever find one, a "Captain: University of Moosylvania Farkling Squad" t-shirt.



TM2T you'll be doing while ignoring the Super Bowl.

The smell of the bedroom curtains on fire and the police helicopters circling the house

TM2T you can do with your eyes closed

Ten broken toes, and a broken heart.

TM2T your pet wants.

My underwear on a regular basis and an insatiable desire for chocolate

TM2T you do when you first get out of bed.

Pee and drink a big glass of water so I can take my fiber.

TM2T that you hate to do, have to anyway.

Buy gasoline and trim my toe nails

TM2T  you do just before going to bed

Plug in my phone and open the curtains so I will see the moon or the stars (or the streetlights through the windfow) 


TM2T that need to be thrown out

John Boehner and Paul Ryan

TM2T  that should be pressed.

Lines at the store, and driving to see my grandson.

TM2T that aggravate you 

I agree with Bob too!!!!!

Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan

TM2T that make you grind your teeth.

Oprah and "Dr." Phil

TM2T you really can't do without.




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