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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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My son, and my wife.

tm2t that make you cringe.

rats and possums.

add a few snakes.

tm2t that make you smile?

my best friend and my daughter


TM2T  make you get teary eyed

A perfectly-made Reuben and Ryuchi Sakamoto's theme to "The Last Emperor".

TM2T getting repaired around your house today, which will provide a convenient excuse to plunk down the cash for a tool you've been eyeing but have responsibly avoided actually buying.

no repairs around here....don't get much of that sort of activity here 


TM2T that you love the smell of

garlic and butter, cinnemon spice


TM2 sounds that quicken your heart.

This song - The guitars grind and howl, the rhythm builds and builds, and - Especially - The opening stanza. Words to live by.

- And the sound of screaming brakes and screeching tires - That almost NEVER ends well.

TM2T you put in your oatmeal.

blueberries or cinammon


TM2 side orders you like with your meal?

A tall cold glass of turpentine and some phosphorus.

TM2T you snuck into your significant other's food when they weren't looking.

Worm medication and stool softener. You are talking about dogs, right?

TM2T you know about metaphysics without boring me.

!) They are by intent and design, unprovable

2) Which is why it's always so refreshing when new scientific evidence comes along which proves one of them wrong anyway.

TM2T you really wish the Professor had said to the rest of those goofballs stranded with him on Gilligan's Isle.

1.) I'm lost without a script.

2.) Someday nerds like me will be getting all the girls.

Tell Me Two Things you'd rather watch someone else do than do yourself.




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