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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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Well, I just heard it right now, so I thought, really? is that the Kristy McNichol from Facts of Life when I was a kid? that's it. I'm rarely surprised when ppl come out of the closet.

TM2T you want to accomplish before you go to bed tonight.

hahaha.... apparently we posted at the same time, Snagg. Poor Barry!

oh shoot, i for some reason read your TM2T as Gary Coleman  LOL!!!  I kill myself  hahahahahaha

Hmmm, Gary Oldman, huh?  He has strange skin and sometimes his voice is super creepy, but i kinda like him tho.  Sorry to mess that up


oh, two things before bed.....

finish my laundry and talk to my daughter on Skype


TM2T you must do tomorrow

Pay a vet bill and check up on the desk monkeys at the SERS.

TM2T you wish that your dog was thinking but really isn't.

> I wish they were thinking about how to let themselves out w/out me having to walk them

> As a backup plan I wish they were thinking about how they can get a paying job to cover the expense of a daily petwalker, so I don't have to walk them.

TM2T in your fridge that you'd be better off without.

The defrosting chicken livers, which shall be poached, pureed and served up to the drooling dogs.

The pouch of microwave-ready mashed potatoes that I just stumbled across, that were purchased last October for sustenance whilst I recouped from some dental work. Into the trash with ye, foul imitation of food! Blech!

TM2 poems funnier than this one:

"Be Good, Be Good" - A poem, by a distinguished American author

Be good, be good, be always good,
And now & then be clever,
But don’t you ever be too good,
Nor ever be too clever;
For such as be too awful good
They awful lonely are,
And such as often clever be
Get cut & stung & trodden on by persons of lesser mental capacity, for this kind do by a law of their construction regard exhibitions of superior intellectuality as an offensive impertinence leveled at their lack of this high gift, & are prompt to resent such-like exhibitions in the manner above indicated — & are they justifiable? alas, alas they

(It is not best to go on; I think the line is already longer than it ought to be for real true poetry.)

– Mark Twain

My dog's middle names, and the Secret Identity of Elvis Himselvis.

TM3T you're not paying close attention to.

The time, the smudges on the woodwork, the spider webs inside the lamp shade....


TM2T you fib about on a regular basis.

age and weight .

tm2t you want to do?

Get a better job & sell my house.

TM2 colors you'd like to paint walls in your home.

periwinkle blue and watermellon red


TM2 kinds of shoes you wear shopping




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