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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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garlic and seasoned salt.

Tm2T that you constantly run out of.

bread  and eggs


TM2T or more of your favorite fruits

Yellow apples and blueberries

TM2T your significant other mistakenly thinks that you do to intentionally aggravate them.

Had electric garage door opening installed with a code to open it.

wear shoes in house.

tm2t of you favorite vegetables.

brussel sprouts and artichoke hearts


TM2T you always do as soon as you get home?

Pet the dogs and check under the floorboards for monsters.

TM2T you do that will void your warranty.

use my blowdryer while napping  and use my son's game controller as a hockey puck


TM2T you saw that made you say, "I did not need to see that!"



rotten.com and either of the first two "Transformers" movies.

TM2T you throw at the neighbor's head  whenever you see them.

Dude, i have a neighbor 2 doors down named Don Johnson, if he was the real deal, i would probably throw ?my panties at him  LOL!!!


TM2 albums that would not be found in your collection

Barry Manilow's Greatest HIts


Motley Crue's Shout at the Devil.

TM2 albums that you wish had not disappeared from your collection.

Anything by Barry Manilow or Shania Twain.


(I DO have some deliberately hideous cover versions, though.)

TM2T that creep you out about Gary Oldman.

where's the neck?   and i think his arm sare longer than his legs


TM2T you thought when you heard that Kristy McNichol came out of the closet?  (big shocker)




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