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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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Bones and Parenthood


TM2 of your favorite colors and why?

Christmas movies---  It's a Wonderful Life   and Jingle All the Way


TM2T  that are family traditions for Christmas time for you

Seven fishes on Christmas Eve and Midnight Mass

TM2T you don't understand

German and Spanish language.

Tm2t about this photo?

Mrs Penny Packer looks 1) all dressed up and 2) ready to go somehwere.


TM2T's you know about me.

you live in Arkansas and you are very nice!


TM2T  you like to do in the wintertime?

cook and cook


TM2T's to stay from at the dinner table this holiday.

There's things to stay away from at the holiday dinner table??

Well, okay..... asparagus & black-eyed peas.

TM2T you look forward to at the holiday dinner table?

turkey and cranberry sauce

tm2t you don't like about traveling?

grouchy husband and realizing what you forgot once you get there!


TM2T  you love about traveling?

taking pictures & seeing new people.

tm2t you can't wait for ?

to visit my best friend!!  and to spend time with my family at Christmas


TM2T you don't reall ylike to do, but you do them for others?




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