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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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Creak and wince.

TM2T more disturbing than realizing that we only know of about 1% of space rocks like the one that exploded over Russia this morning.

A republican in the White House and Oprah suddenly becoming immortal.

TM2T you would never allow in your car.

Barry Manilow and a lit cherry bomb.


TM2T you yearn for at the hardware store, but won't let yourself buy just yet.


A Little Giant adjustable ladder, and a big a** generator. 

TM2T you regret selling, giving up, or throwing away.

Table saw and battery powered circular saw.

TM2T you regret buying that you thought you just "had to have."

Listen to my favorite music and make photographs

TM2T you used to do that always got you in trouble.

Running around the house like "a wild Indian"(they said), and biting my cuticles


TM2Tyour teachers used to tell you.

That once we got to heaven, we wouldn't want to do the same things that we did on earth - All we would want to do in heaven would be to play harps, sing praises to Jesus and then we'd eat ice cream and cake all day.


They also used to tell us - Well, they told ME - To stop asking so many damn questions.


No wonder I have such a low tolerance for bullshit.

TM2T that go better on a Ritz.

Peanut butter and cream cheese.

TM2T you would do to your house if money were no object.

Un-ironed Wranglers or a pork pie cap.

TM2T you put on your toast.

Butter & blackberry jam

TM2T it's a shame to eat without butter

Popcorn or Brussels Sprouts. (With garlic, of course. Enough butter and garlic can make ANYTHING Taste good.)

TMThe first 2 Blu-Rays you bought.




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