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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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Escuela Caribe. And, literally, The Active Denial System.

TM2T I should buy for my upcoming first grandchild.

layettes and a laptop for when your grandchild turns two, he will be running programs and making his own youtube videos for you by then!


TM2T that never fail to make you smile

Three deliriously-happy brown-eyed dogs bursting with joy every time I walk in the house, even if I've only been gone five minutes.

So-Bad-They're-Good Monster movies.

TM2T that are worth the effort.

Love and friendship

TM2T that are not worth the effort.

Sitting through any trilogy  and going through the drive-thru.

TM2T that you'd like to forget about your ex.

he's not my ex.....yet   LOL

Good Lord, TeeBubbaDee, is that a fuzzy cock??


TM2T you love most in this world?


A fuzzy cock does not make the list of the things I love most, but it sounds intriguing.

The things I love most are my man and "Lion in Winter".

TM2T that you keep in a place where no one else would keep such a thing.

The open tray full of angry scorpions is next to the toilet paper in the hall closet that has the burnt-out light bulb, and my seething righteous anger at injustice and hypocrisy sits right beside the long-expired box of "Bisquick" in the kitchen pantry.

TM2T songs NOT to play during the theme section of tomorrow night's show, which concerns the 134th anniversary of Thomas Edison patenting the phonograph.

I'm on a Highway to hell, Blinded by the light

tm2t you want to do.

Go on an Alabama Creationist tour of the Fred Flintstone Museum of Science and check out if Batman keeps any hookers in the Batcave.

TM2T you learned from watching Leave it to Beaver.

beaver always gets and in jam, he always washes up.

tm2t you like to touch.

Remember, Karen...You have to give TWO answers.




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