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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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"You've tried to lead a decent life", and "People generally like you".

TM2T you'll rent instead of buy.

a beach house at the Jersey shore (not the Snooky Jersey Shore area)

and college textbooks (why would anyone pay freakin' $100+ for a textbook you'll only use once?)

TM2T you'll do if this site disappears?

Start a urban revivalist psychedelic ska band and remind people that TBD is like a cartoon cat - it can never be destroyed only disassembled.

TM2T a depoopisifier could be used for?

Sounds like something I need at the station, for when people who think they're funny call in and demand Michael Bolton or Celine Dion. It would not only scour the station air and scrub the phone lines, but it would also hunt the caller down and cut the brake lines on their car. That sounds like one handy little device. Does Ronco make that ?

TM2T about TMZ.

The Militarized Zone is an area where fighting is allowed during times of peace.

At my house this is the bedroom.

TM2T you know about Harry Potter that isn't in the movies.

At an after hours soiree at Professor Snape's digs, Potter took his first hit of Wiggenweld potion and instantly became addicted to Flobberworm Mucus. George Weasley is his supplier.


TM2T Don Cornelius had in his pockets during the taping of James Brown appearing on Soul Train in September 1974?

(I wish you eternal love, peace and soul, big man. RIP.)

He must have been holding James Brown's keys and wallet because they obviously weren't in the man's pants.

Was probably holding a tin of Sucrets too.

TM2T that you could have prevented if you'd had your superhero cape with you.

Disco and "Superman IV: The Quest For Peace".

TM2T you'll do to mock the Superbowl.

I'll pretend like I'm John Madden and draw play arrows on the screen with white out.

I'll also buy the guys a case of beer, lock myself in the bathroom and let Calgon take me away for the rest of the game.  If they think they're going to need to pee, they can rent a porta-john.

TM2T about the cars you see on the road that say, "My owner's a loser".

An oil rag used in place of a gas cap and a 'Jesus Is My Co-pilot' bumper sticker. ( I doubt he could drive )

TM2T you wish your doctor wouldn't preach to you about when you go in for a physical?

The institutional prejudice against 9th century Estonians by the Vatican and how nobody can tell the difference when he uses ice melt crystals instead of garlic salt in his meatloaf.

TM2Times somebody really pulled the rug out from under you.

A trip to Vegas that ran afoul thanks to Edie Calverado (No, I doubt you know her).

And when I played Cleopatra in the school play.

TM2T that are better when injected.




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