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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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Spam and liver.

TM2T that you can't eat enough of.

Bun thit nuong cha gio, and brownies.

TM2T your significant other loves that you think are just creepy.

Katie Perry and movies with zombies


TM2T that your significant other likes you to cook for them

My version of chicken gyro's and the pan-fried, dry-rubbed pork steaks with the "special" green beans on the side.

TM2 clever things you heard somebody say today.

One of them I don't choose to say here. '-)

And the other, quite surprisingly (DON'T lynch me, guys!), was RON PAUL (:-P) saying in the debate just now on Meet the Press that the candidates should stop being superficial in the debates, spending all their time talking about their character, and start addressing the ISSUES.

TM2T you'd like to see happen in this presidential campaign.

I'd like to see Jesus stride out of the wings at a GOP debate and slap the living crap outta Rick Santorum, but I know it ain't gonna happen.

I'd like to see everybody start acting like statesmen instead of pandering sleazebags, but I also have little hope for that actually occurring.

aside... speaking of pandering- I kid you not, in this morning's debate on Meet the Press, Newt's very first response to the debate's very first question included "Reagan". 

TM2T you will do this Sunday?

Hey, there, Kare Bear! Well, my Sunday is winding down here on the east coast, but I will still...

> take my dogs for a bedtime walk.

> set my alarm for early tomorrow a.m. ;-p

TM2T you enjoyed doing/seeing/experiencing today.

Watching our German Shepherds make a new friend while we were playing in the front yard, and watching the full moon slide through the clouds at about 3:00 a.m.


TM2T better than a crack rock and soul band firing on all cylinders.

Well, I usedta be an Addiction Counselor, so I'd say MOST things are better than crack rocks; take your pick. And better than a soul band firing on all cylinders... well, that's probably tough. Several soul bands firing on all cylinders, jamming together? Joe Bonamassa?

TM2T that are still hanging around your house from the holidays.

HI ya d's gal!!  

 For some reason, i always forget to get the centerpiece for Christmas off the kitchen table and this year I also forgot the snowmen decorations i put in our downstairs bathroom.  Oh ya, and i usually see them after i have gone to the trouble of putting the Christmas stuff away in the attic!!


TM2T of your favorite seasonings




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