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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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rake leaves and shovel snow.

tm2t that makes you giggle w/ joy out loud!

being around the kids at preschool and silly things my daughter says


TM2T that make u get weepy eyed

TM2T that make u get weepy eyed

My kids asking me for money and the Libyan situation.

TM2T about your lumbar regions.

The scales have molted for the season, and neither of them has a respectable job at the moment.

TM2, much more horrifying, ways that you would have written the ending to "The Lion King".

I've never seen The Lion King so I got nothing...

TM2T amuse you to no end

Puppies, and Madeline Kahn's performance in "Young Frankenstein".

TM2 hangover remedies.

hair of the dog and asperin

tmt2 things when driving that makes you mad.

when people slam on their brakes for imaginary reasons and those who wait til the last second to get over when they have known for like 1/2 mile that the lane is ending!


TM2T you like about grocery shopping?

Spotting a little old lady with only two or three items, and then cutting in front of her at the checkout lane with my full cart of groceries.

Also, getting away with using a coupon that expired last week. I'm such a thrill seeker.

TM2 New Year's resolutions you've already broken.

suppose to be eating better and less, yet i made a frozen pizza for breakfast- i only had 2 slices, but still.....oh ya, didnt walk the dog today either


TM2 of your favorite things to have for lunch?

peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread, or a turkey sandwich with lettuce/tomato/mayo on whole wheat.

tm2t you  hate/won't eat.




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