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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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Someday at Christmas by Stevie Wonder and O, Holy Night by Nat King Cole

TM2 song lists on your iPod

"Upbeat" and "Sleepytime"

If you have an "Ex" TM2T's you liked about your them, if any.

can i say, ex-boyfriend from before i got married?


1. he was the best kisser ever, ever!

2. we understood each other very well, we got sober together and stayed clean  supporting each other,

TM2T you always do before you go on a date?

Bathe and brush my teeth, the obvious....I would think everone does.


TM2T's you always bring on a date.

toothbrush for after dinner and my eyeliner


TM2 places you like to go to relax your mind?

the beach and the library


TM2 of your favorite guy names.

Colin and  Daniel

TM2 places you would rather be now?

on the boardwalk and in Maryland.

tm2t you don't want to be.

Late for dinner and a Republican.


TM2 cartoons you watched as a child

Yogi Bear, and Top Cat.

TM2 shows you watch now.

NCIS and Bones


TM2 of your favorite actors (one male and one female).

Gregory Peck
Anne Hathaway

Blue and green...colors of the water

TM2 Christmas movies you like




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