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Of any variety--your guru, a favorite college professor, your dog, your beloved...

This song is dedicated to my Draughn who unstintingly spends his gifts, energy, and love serving the under-served, and feels honored to do so.

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you my heart and soul
have lived your life in service
to those who aspire

your arms open wide
you embrace those who need help
to hope their full share

sending them forward
with certainty that one day
we will all be free

your beautiful mind
your heart glowing like the sun...
my greatest teacher

the small lives of those
who live in nest den and set
teach us communion

difficult teachers

rarely respected at first

later we see it

So true!

we resist hard things
hard things might end in failure
failure is scary

the teacher who cares
persists without concern for
acceptance or praise

trying but failing
access to your world slammed shut
i am left outside

your willing student
never smart enough to pass
the final exam

commencement again...
in dreams i'm with you all day
as new lives begin

so much left to learn...
i wish to sit at your feet
your life-long student

Happy Teachers' Day, My Soul.

love is not a test
don't fail me before warning
that I'm being judged

Listened to this and, predictably, thought of Draughn and of all the Biggie Smalls he has helped to believe that the "sky's the limit." Of course, not quite in the way Biggie sings about it... :>)

just keep pressin' on
hard times can bring dreams closer
the sky's the limit

over and over
i listen to your lectures
i know every word

i wish there were more...
bright gems to be discovered
in a coat pocket

left in a briefcase
slipped behind a seat cushion
kicked under the bed

still better by far
is that there'd be no need for
your recorded voice

winter break again
how i dreaded the silence
now that's all there is




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