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Got inspired while listening to a radio show talk about various experiences on carnival rides.   It's not easy to describe in words something so visual but it brought back a few memories of my own during my braver days.

Share some of your tales of reckless choices when it came to thrills and spills.

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Just young and foolish.

How far would you walk for a camel?

Not as far as I would walk for a dingo.


Those fun houses were great, when you were about ten.

Something happens when you grow up, they get kind of cheap and crummy.

I loved a ride called the Chairplane, rode it so much on one occasion that I couldn't walk very well when leaving the ride.  Had to hang onto the chain link fence all the way to the exit!  I was 10 or so at the time.

George didn't do any of the rides, he and his siblings liked the games in the arcade.

Not too long ago I took a ride on an airboat with Robbie.

I bet that was a blast!  I've never even seen one of those except on TV. Did it go fast or is it and old person's ride?

This was a good sized boat, but it was still pretty fast. I'm guessing something like 40 maybe 45 mph. We were supposed to go out on a smaller, and I think faster one, but something happened with the reservations. 

Robbie and my Sweetie.


Looks like a good time.  Your wife is a Tampa Bay fan!

My daughter and I pretty much "gave" her a team years ago. I was a Bronco's fan, and my daughter was all about the Raiders. My wife pretty much didn't care one way or the other, so we gave her Tampa Bay. Don't know why, but she also has a couple of Cleveland Indians shirts, and in 33 years, I've never seen her watch a baseball game. Dames, go figure!

She probably sneaks around and watches baseball behind your back.




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