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Got inspired while listening to a radio show talk about various experiences on carnival rides.   It's not easy to describe in words something so visual but it brought back a few memories of my own during my braver days.

Share some of your tales of reckless choices when it came to thrills and spills.

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you see that zipper thing in the lower right hand corner of the pictures.  I went on one of those with a guy one time and my purse was one of those that had an open top.  I didn't even think about that when I got on, but when the compartment turned over a glass bottle of cologne came flying out and beaned ol' Dexter in the head.  We were both trying to capture it, but since we were strapped in, it just kept banging around in that cage.  He came out of there with one hell of a bump.  If he'd been in the mood to fool around, that pretty much killed the desire.

I just stopped in to check up what is happening cause I've been absent. (approx 1200 miles in the last 2 days) That in itself is a "ride' but I'm about ready to crash so will be back tomorrow with a "ride" story.

My family wasn't much for spending money at carnivals and fairs, so the tamer rides at the zoo near our home were about as exciting as it got.  Once, as an adult, I went to Great America on a really hot day when there weren't many people there yet.  We went on the log flume over and over because there was no line and it was a great way to stay cool.  The wet T-shirt look didn't hurt, either.

There was a ride similar to the one in the top image up there at Half a Dozen flags over Texas in Arlington Texas. It was completely enclosed except there was no cover on top and it was built of wood. It didn't tilt...just spun around really fast. I think it was called the Gravatron or Centrifuge or some such....any way it would spin around fast enough to flatten you against the side and then the floor would drop from under you and there you were held in place purely by centrifugal force  for a few seconds.

I was riding this thing one day and directly across from me was an attractive young lady in her late teens or early twenties wearing a full skirt and halter top...(weird, most girls at amusement parks wear shorts), but as we spun around and the floor dropped out her skirt flew up over her head and was plastered to her face, her arms pinned uselessly at her sides, her red panties glowing in the afternoon sun and her dignity down there somewhere on the floor When the floor came back up and the spinning slowed that girl couldn't find the exit fast enough..

You got extra on that ride!!


We had a ride like that here, too, Bob!  It was called the Rotor Ride.  I never rode it, and I never wore a skirt to an amusement park.

I have a not so fond memory of the "Zipper" but not nearly as funny.   My little purse fell open and all my 'stuff' fell out....mostly change.  I do have a vague memory of someone barfing when we were let off.

I bet someone collects a lot of extra money on that thing.


I'm not much for amusement park rides. Even as a kid the tilt a whirl was about as much as I could handle. We went to Disney years ago and I did ride the Space mountain roller coaster. There were about a gazillion signs saying that if you had a bad back or neck (me) turn around now. I rode it anyway, and had a pain in my neck for 2 weeks. 

But my favorite ride story has nothing to do with amusement parks. I had a 900 Z1 Kawasaki one summer. Long story, but it wasn't mine, and I beat the hell out of that bike. It was a 5 speed, and I never could see how fast it would go in first gear cause it happened so fast, but I used to shift out of second gear at 82 mph. That morning ride to work at 100 mph woke me up better than any cup of coffee. The last day I had it I took it out on the freeway cranked it up to 145. 

You're either very brave or have a streak of insanity running thru you.




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