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Is everyone ready for the Super Bowl weekend?  I understand that the folks who don't watch is for the football watch it for the commercials.  I think the rest watch it for a good excuse to party.  So are you going to watch the game or the commercials?

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No.  I don't pay any attention to sports.  As to the commercials, I may hear some second hand comment on a radio talk show or Letterman/Leno type program.  Perhaps I'll take a nap or do some snowshoeing.

No interest at all - not in the game, not in the commercials.  I'm working this weekend anyway.  

I'm ready, Helen, to watch the Ravens kick the 49er's butts.  I heard the 49er's are a 3-point favorite to win.  That means the odds makers are not quite sure about the Ravens.  I wish I had $100.00 and was in Vegas to put on the Ravens. 

I'll be watching and cheering on Sunday.  GO RAVENS!!

My boyfriend of a year and a half and I are going to a neighborhood bar/restaurant where "Everyone KNows Our Names". Its been around 75 years and its by personal invitation that we are going. Its a place made up of "regulars". Everyone is harmless, is respectful towards me and others and is not allowed to swear or get too drunk. I'm looking forward to wearing my "Terry Bradshaw" Throwback jersey, eating from an awesome buffet, and hanging out with "the guys" (yes its mostly guys but they are all like my brothers), even though OUR team (THE STEELERS) isnt in it!!

Kim, I had the most fun watching the Super Bowl and hanging out at our local bar with guys that I thought of as brothers too.  They were always very respectful of me.  Have a great time on Sunday! 

I just DVR the whole 5 or so hours so I can pick and choose what I want to watch the next time I run on my treadmill!!

Nope - not watching game.  Most likely do something outdoors!

I'll be sitting in front of the tv.....chips, dip and beer in hand.  I was really afraid there would be no team in the race that I was interested in, but the Ravens rescued me.  I will be rooting for them, for sure.  I always have to watch it alone, because my son has never been interested in football, but I'll spend some of the time on the phone with my Texas Eons friend.  He is pulling for SF, so we can give each other some grief over it.  My son will be sweet and let me watch on his big flatscreen upstairs, though. <3

I'll be rooting for the Ravens.  I think they'll make it.  They really want it bad and they are a great team.  It's going to be my granddaughter.  She still doesn't know what's going on, but she'll be in her Ravens Onesie. 

Helen, a nailbiter it was.  I can't believe I turned the TV off when the 49ers were just about to score the last touchdown in the 4th quarter.  It was upsetting to see them come back and probably win the game.  Then, I get on my computer tonight to start work and I see the Ravens won the Super Bowl.  I watched the clip of the  last possession by the 49ers and all I can say is WOW!!!  The Ravens kept the 49ers from scoring and won the game.  It was so exciting to watch Jones run 109 yards for a touchdown at the start of the second quarter!   It was a great game!   WAY TO GO RAVENS!!

It was a great game.  I loved it.  Loved it even more when they won. 

Not going to watch it at all. Wold like too because of the competition between these balanced teams will make it an interesting event. I will be at work from 6 - 11. But, I haven't watched the super bowl for at least tens years, not only have the games not been an attraction to me; but neither have the commercials. The creativity has really waned, based on the selections of the best of the commercials that run on and on the day after.




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