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So here we are looking around, taking a peek... hanging out.

On some thread a bit ago, some one said how annoying the FB was with all the trivial updating goings on.

Personally, I don't think my daily updating is all that interesting but some times I really feel the need to share.  My kitties don't give a whit and the bird...well, he lives in his own world.  His updates would mostly involve "lived another day"..."got some of that shredded stuff again (cheese)"  etc.

Mostly, I have you fine folks to droll on about my meager existence and occasional moments of wonderful.


So, here you go...Keep it brief...mundane with a bit of intrigue.

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Lovely day but the wind is 'windy'.  Hope all you folks in Buffalo/PA are safe from the 's' word!

It felt weird to be back at work after not going in since last Tuesday.

Two more days to go and then back to retirement for the rest of the week.

I can jump as high as I used to.......just can't stay that high that long any more.

Getting stoked about going on an air boat ride tomorrow with DeeBubbaTee and Robbie.

That's sounds so cold!

Dentist tomorrow and I'm already well into my phobic antics.

Heading to New Braunfels, Gruene Hall and San Marcus with some of my Eons friends this weekend.

Went on the Airboat ride with Tee & Dee today. Had a blast. "I Want One"! But Pru said no matter how hard I cried and kicked the floor she wasn't going to buy me one. So guess I'll just have to wait until my gas well comes in.

Robbie, I want one too, but I think Pru will let you have one before DeeBubbaTee lets me get mine. Let's make a deal, whoever gets one first, the other guy gets free rides for life. I used to be head rigger for a boat dealership in OH. and have (guestimate) driven somewhere between 500 and 600 hundred boats back in the day. But the air boat was a whole different critter. I've been one one other air boat on the past, in the Everglades, but both rides were one whole lot of FUN!! Thanks for letting us share your day!!!

PS. I'm still trying to figure out the headless dinosaur!!!!!!

Not to worry DD, The only gators we saw were penned up. I've seen some alligators since I've been down here, but this one was impressive. I've got a cat Ollie (nicknamed double wide) but this one gator was triple wide. Robbie took several pics, and I expect he will post them.

As an aside, DeeBubbaTee and also took an air boat ride in the Everglades many years ago. The guide took us out into the middle of nowhere, shut the boat off, jumped overboard, and yelled, "Everybody out of the boat!!" There were 12 of us on the trip. everybody got a shocked look on their face except for me. I was peeling my shoes and socks off as fast as I could. Out of everybody on the boat, it ended up me and the guide were the only ones standing in the middle of the glades. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.

(OK, I'd trade it for a DD hug)

Here is a couple of pics that Robbie sent me of the fat ol' gator.

Do I have to put my pants on too?




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