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Post a song using the last letter of the previous song.

How about if it gets difficult we can also use a word from one song title to the next?

It's not necessary, but if you're so inclined, please include the song for our listening pleasure! '-)

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All dug out and even ventured out.  Nice call on the Clem, Q.


Wait Until Dark - Scott Walker


k  kiss by Prince


Sometimes in Winter, Blood Sweat and Tears


Trying to find different ending letters.


Rad Gumbo 

by Little Feat  (not Feet) 





Oliver's Army, Elvis Costello


Y  You are so beautiful  Joe Cocker

Carlos Santana & Dave Matthews Love of My Life

Eight Days a Week, The Beatles


k  knights of Cydonia  - Muse


Accidentally Like A Martyr - Warren Zevon


Richard Corey, Simon and Garfunkel


Michelle Branch - You Get Me


ducatiman thinks the descriptions in this song fit me. hrummpf '-)

(he does get me, strangely)





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