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Post a song using the last letter of the previous song.

How about if it gets difficult we can also use a word from one song title to the next?

It's not necessary, but if you're so inclined, please include the song for our listening pleasure! '-)

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Wow, Kare Bear, that's a tough song.


"E's" are hard to come by...

C- Can you feel the love tonight-  Elton John


Turn Your Lights Down Low, Bob Marley


W- Whenever, Whatever     Shakira   lol





Everybody Wake Up, Dave Matthews Band



Well, shoot! I just posted my only song starting w/a "P" in the ABC Song Thread.... lemme see what else I can find...


Wow! Here's one my dad used to play when I was a kid...



Dean Martin, love his voice, girl!!


E Everybody Loves Somebody sometimes,   Dean Martin :)



Love Dean!




Y- You made me love you   Dino!!!  we r on a roll!!

I can't find a Dean Martin song that begins w/a "U"!! :-(


If we give up & pass on it, there's "Volare".



ok, there is one....called Under the bridge in Paris, it is quite lovely too!!




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