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Anyone planning a party for December 20th?

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Fire department required a high rise office fire drill today, I requested to wait till Monday, so if the world ends before then we would not lose any work productivity.

I just realized the full impact of this here end o' the world thing. We won't get to find out who's greatest on Jan. 7. Bama or Notre Dame. 

The Aggies, since they beat Bama!

But somehow their not playing in the big game. Go figger.

I will be with my Aggie son and the Fighting Texas Aggies at the Cotton Bowl on 1/4/13 depending on the new and revised Mayan calendar.

END OF THE WORLD ~ 21-12-2012


5:00 am - Wake up of the world's population by the sound of sirens and bells
6.00 am - Arrival of the Maya
7.00 am - Arrival of extraterrestrials
8.00 am - Arrival of the Presidents of the G8 states
9:00 am - Arrival of Saints, Martyrs, etc.. etc.. etc..
10.00 am - Anthem for the end of the world "Highway to hell" for everyone, and then one to choose from the various countries: for Germany, "Adieu mein kleiner Gardeoffizier"; for Italy is planned “Nel blu dipinto di blu“ "In the blue painted blue" subject of by the Vatican
10.30 am - the word to Papa Joe
11.45 - Apocalypse Brunch
13.00 - General Assembly of the UN
15.00 - A Minute of Silence
15:05 - beginning of the public ceremony
17.00 - Buffet opens
18.00 - Departure of the Maya
19.00 - Fireworks, to be followed by football match Brazil vs rest of the world
21.00 - Archangels and Angels departure
22.00 - Closing ceremony; Afterhours, open bar, free drinks
23.30 - 3D glasses will be distributed for free
24.00 - END OF THE WORLD, the song "The Final Countdown" will be performed

To follow: END OF THE WORLD after show party.

They're having fireworks and a party for the end of the world in Centennial WY, too bad I'm in CA and will miss it.

December 21st--End of the World Fireworks, downtown Centennial, lift off between 5:30 and 6:00 PM.


December 21st--End of the World Party, featuring Mumbletypeg, Beartree beginning @ 9 PM.

It's been December 21st in Sydney, Australia for quite some time now.

They seem to be handling it well.

Well, duh!!! They didn't find the Mayan Calendar in Sydney, Australia now did they? There's no evidence that the Mayans even knew about Sydney, Australia. 

Ya gotta think! Otherwise any excuse will apply to why the world keeps on ticking (after taking a licking). 

...We have to wait 'till December 21st Mayan time.

Youren time?

Mayan casa es Suan casa.




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