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Anyone planning a party for December 20th?

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LIKE!!  :-D

I'm going with the oreo's, don't max out your credit cards folks.

No party....maybe cook up a pot of Wick Fowler's 3 alarm chili though.

Oreos and champagne for me, ummmmmm.

Think I'll just sip on some hot chocolate.

I just thought a nod to the Mayans would be appropriate. 

They did love a good cup of chocolate...but they also enjoyed blood letting and penis piercing, so what do they know?

I don't like marshmallows in my chocolate, so that will be a little realistic, but as far as penis piercing, every time I read that he hides. But if anyone tries, there will be blood.

Have to get a new calendar. the old one isn't up to date.

Czech Vanikove Rohlicky




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