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I understand that a good part of the east coast is getting a short burst of summer heat wave these next few days.  Loving that.  Are you looking forward to it warming up again, even for a short few days?

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I hate hot weather. It's going in the low 90's here today and I dread it. I love fall and winter.

Dwalt, I'm with you.  It was so hot and muggy here today.  Helen.....I gotta ask you.....How the blazes do you keep your hair and make-up looking good when you're sweating buckets???  I had a luncheon to go to today, and I worked so hard on my appearance.....only to go outside and wilt like a week-old daisy.  I just went out to water the flowers on the deck....It was 9:00 p.m. and it was still muggy and hot.  I feel like I can't breathe when the air gets that muggy. I could probably take the heat.....if it weren't for that dad-gummed humidity.  I only want to be wet on three occasions.....in the shower.....in the swimming pool......or in the bedroom  ;-).  

Ooh La la.

We have been getting lots of rain in different parts of the area, one city here got 7 inches over night, many road closes, the CU university is close today. We really needed the moisture, but need to find the stop button for a bit. Just on the news there have been 3 deaths so far.




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