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danger: geyser zone
must wear protective cothing
rubbers and raincoat?
come, my beloved,
open wide the concealed door
kundalini fire

shakti awaits her
shiva incarnate...payu
gazelle and stallion
you have laid me bare...
with a look you uncover
my secret wellspring

my head in your hands
your lips scarcely touching mine
i am a fountain

bathe in my body
wash away the cares of life
i freshen for you
Diving deep under,
Stroking, gliding, surrounded-
Coming up refreshed.
Why are we driven?
Each thought moving us further
to the peak, then off!
Name's Way on Willy
doing that crazy hand jive...
stroke it sweet honey
With a glancing thought
Sensations come rushing back
Instinct still runs deep

In the day to day
It is never far from me
Flowing underground

I know where to look
Where to find the living spring
Hidden long ago

If you move the stones
Push away the camouflage
It runs cool and fresh
Are we more naked
Sharing our deepest souls or
Baring timid skin?
Lovely Quilty.....
naked innocents
baring our innermost truths
and outermost lies

we are not unwise
to expose our true beings
to those whom we love

whatever happens,
our love can't be tarnished or
our souls diminished
not too serious
just an occasional tryst
they're the hottest times
needing all of you
our souls merging together
my legs 'round your hips




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