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As most of you know the Super Bowl is being played in Arlington, Texas next Sunday...that's about half way between Dallas and Ft. Worth, and according to the website of a local TV station there is a shortage of "hoes".....err, ahh "paid escorts, that is, for the various high dollar parties and such.

So in order to help boost our economy down here if you know of any out-or-work "escorts" send 'em our way.  I understand even the local chapter of "The Horny Housewives of America" are booked up.

(there will be a football game played at some point)

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I remember watching my older sisters curling their hair w/OJ cans...ratting and spraying.  They looked like they were wearing football helmets.

The plucking of eyebrows was another thing that put me off from being too 'froo-froo' about my appearance.

I have an extra hoe!

A "sport" where grown men, when off the field, hire themselves out to advertising firms (and charge top dollar while they're at it) for the selling tires, aftershave, razors, socks, insurance plans, crappy fast food, crappy frozen food, soft drinks, "Sports" drinks, golf clubs, dog whistles, francise memorabilia, investment brokerages, underwear and christ knows what else -

And you wonder what "ho's" have to do with football?

Huzzah!  Snagg, can I have your autograph?
lotsa female "hoes" want a piece of those male "hoes"........think Tiger Woods.




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