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As most of you know the Super Bowl is being played in Arlington, Texas next Sunday...that's about half way between Dallas and Ft. Worth, and according to the website of a local TV station there is a shortage of "hoes".....err, ahh "paid escorts, that is, for the various high dollar parties and such.

So in order to help boost our economy down here if you know of any out-or-work "escorts" send 'em our way.  I understand even the local chapter of "The Horny Housewives of America" are booked up.

(there will be a football game played at some point)

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Will there be enough men there to, uh, take care of the Cougars, Bob?
If I am 70, exactly what is a cougar?
...at least 80, I'd say.

Haven't heard any reports about the guys, but I have heard, and this I swear is true, escorts....."hoes" that is, are  being ferried in from San Diego and New Orleans. This Super Bowl thing is totaly out of hand.


Can you pick me up at the airport?
What's your flight Number?

There will be a  limo ready for you...

Why is this a problem [well, aside from the obvious]?

Isn't Texas home to The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"?

Bus them in from there...

The real name of that storied establishment was The Chicken Ranch...it went out of business in 1973.

*shaking head in utter disbelief*

What does hoeing have to do w/football?




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