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  ~ Please think of a word that rhymes
     with the previously posted word, and
     then leave another word to be rhymed.
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     I will begin with...

  ~  computer 

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dirt cure, dirt bike, dirt cheap, dirt farmer (Good ones, and fun!)

More dirt: fake a dirt rap, dirty log, dirt more, fish the dirt

Take a dirt nap (old folks expression), dirty dog, dirt poor, dish the dirt

Pond: pond slum, On Olden Pond (movie), Baldwin Pond,  (book), Pond's Bold Scheme 

pond scum, On Golden Pond (always makes me cry), Walden Pond, Pond's Cold Cream (Great ones, as usual!)

Pad: silly pad, Pad Thigh (food), highPad, Padding-one Fair (children's fiction) 

Lily pad, Pad Thai, iPad, Paddington Bear ( I love Paddington)

Can: lick the can, Canned Sleet, the can-tan, Can-uh- duh

kick the can (hahaha!), Canned Heat, the can-can, Canada (Oh, Canada!)                                 

More can: canned heat, hopin' a can of berms, Can-a-duh Wry (beverage), Ewe Can't Hutch Hiss! (famous rap song)  

canned meat, open a can of worms, Canada Dry, you can't touch this

Rod: Rod Geiger, scamrod, potrod , brimrod (What Bugs called Elmer Fudd)

Rod Steiger, ramrod, hot rod, nimrod

More rod: oldenrod; Rod Sailor (actor); bare the rod, soil the wild (saying); Pillory Rod-spam Minton 

goldenrod, Rod Taylor, spare the rod, spoil ..., Hillary Rodham Clinton

Day: day flare, day broom, daysight, day of beckoning

daycare, day room, daylight, day of reckoning

More day: daylow, Sludge-vent Day, Funday, Resident's Day, daysilly

Dayglow, judgement day, Sunday, Presidents Day, daylily 

Purse: the tower of the purse, pursed hips, feather purse, touch purse

the power of the purse, pursed lips, leather purse, clutch purse

Bag: sandbag, slumbag, mold bag, bag of moans

handbag, scumbag, old bag, bag of bones

Watch: mop watch, curd watchers, slack watch dad, watchsand




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