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  ~ Please think of a word that rhymes
     with the previously posted word, and
     then leave another word to be rhymed.
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     I will begin with...

  ~  computer 

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Keystone cops, Stone wall Jackson, sandstone, heart of stone

Tree: Isthmus tree, staple tree, Tree of Strife,  "The Living Tree " (kids book)

Christmas tree, maple tree, Tree of Life, "The Giving Tree"

Gift: gift bard, Grist-muss gift, giftflap, gift-red

gift card, Xmas gift, gift wrap , gifted

Church: church spouse , Curch of Kingpin, church borden, churchlard

church mouse, Church of England??, church warden, churchyard

Kirk: Kirk in the fen (Scottish reference), Funkirk, Clap-then Kirk, Kirk Mug-glass

(Yes, C of E)

Kirk in the Glen, Dunkirk, Capt. Kirk, (what a ham), Kirk Douglas

(I forgot to add mine)

Ocean: ocean staves,  Ocean Stay ( grocery), Pedantic Ocean, Specific Ocean

ocean waves, Ocean Spray, Atlantic Ocean (I love your mind ツ ), Pacific Ocean (ditto)

Sea: searape, Fawnsea (Welsh seaside town), seawide, seatearing

seascape, Swansea , seaside, seafaring

Clean: clean beep, C pear, bake a clean crest of strings 

clean sweep, clean hair, make a clean breast of things

Dirty: dirty word (an old insult), dirty nerds, dirty car-meany, dirty honey   

dirty birds, dirty words, ?,dirty money

Leave/s: tall leaves, leave your lark, leave of abscess, Leave bit to Cleaver

Fall leaves, leave your mark, leave of absence, Leave It To Beaver

Pumpkin: pumpkin dead, pumpkin sty, crossed on the pumpkin, Neater Dieter Pumpkin Seater

Pumpkinhead, pumpkin pie, frost on the pumpkin,  Peter, Peter , pumpkin  eater

Seven: Seven Rides For Seven Others  (old movie), So Bright and the Seven Wharfs , The Seven Medley Twins 




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