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  ~ Please think of a word that rhymes
     with the previously posted word, and
     then leave another word to be rhymed.
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     I will begin with...

  ~  computer 

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Candyland, eye candy (that was a tricky one!), candy cane, Halloween candy

Knee: knee-keep, kneetap, kneepole, knee-work 

knee deep, kneecap, kneehole, knee jerk

Arm: armsole, armbest, long-arm, Delighted Dates Armknee

(Loved the delighted dates 

Armhole, armrest , strong-arm, United States Army

Foot: foot-goose, foot mocker, foot folger, footwrath (1 of 2)

footloose, foot locker, foot soldier, footbath & footpath (These made me laugh! ツ)

Ear: earding, earphobe, earbig, ear of holly-flower

Earring, earlobe, earwigs, ear of cauliflower 

loose: past and loose,  loose range, loose hips slink slips 

fast and loose, loose change, loose lips sink ships

Juice: juice fox, banberry juice, bull of juice, burn on the juice

Juice box, cranberry juice , full of juice, turn on the juice 

Horse: horse pence, horse yank-it, horse sty, horse crater

horse sense, horse blanket, horsefly, horse trader

Apple: apple noose, apple fly, apple banrowdy , apple of your sty

Apple juice, Apple pie, Apple pan dowdu, of your eye

Crow  crowtar,  crow's sheet,  crow's  best, as the crow tries 

crowbar, crow's feet, crow's nest, as the crow flies

Corn: cornfob, fopcorn, loonycorn, cornbow (hairstyle)

Corncob, popcorn, sunnicorn, cornrow 

Inner: inner terkel , inner beer, inner cube,  inner pity


inner circle, inner ear, inner tube, inner city

Outer: Outer Gone-folia, outer face, outer varmint, Outer Ranks




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