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  ~ Please think of a word that rhymes
     with the previously posted word, and
     then leave another word to be rhymed.
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     I will begin with...

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Sushi, tempura, miso soup

Parties: turfcay party, saturation party, bedding party, loftus party


birthday party, graduation party, wedding party, office party

More parties: Fallow-bean party, Keister party, knee party, boba party (fraternities)

Halloween, Easter, tea party.

State capitals: Noisy, Brittle Crock, Malt Make Pretty

"boba party" (fraternities)=toga party

Boise, Little Rock, Salt Lake City

More state capitals: You-know, Clover, Fat-manta, Mauve-be-dense

  • (Oh yeah, toga party. Of course)

Juneau, Dover, Providence, Atlanta

Popular eateries: Costanza, Drizzler, Dead Mobster, Paree Calendar

Bonanza, Sizzler, Red Lobster (HAHAHA!), Marie Callender

West Coast (Only) Food Chains: Furry Mouse, Cat-fur-grrr, When-do-he-go Charms, Vault & Claw

Okay, mostly guessing here. I haven't heard of most of them.

Curry House, Fat Burger, Bendego, Harms, Malt and Slaw

Allergies: doffing, teasing, funny clothes, cautery pies

So sorry! I made them current WC chains (actually, all are in California) 'cause I knew you'd been living in CA for some years and figured they'd be familiar to you. "When-do-he-go Charms"=Mendocino Farms, "Vault & Claw"=Salt & Straw

coughing, sneezing (or wheezing), runny nose, watery eyes

Common things which make people allergic: olden-bod, vet gander, wee rings, see-dude

(I guess I don't get out much, lol).

Goldenrod, pet dander, bee strings, seafoo

News hour: leadmines, leather, torts, dollypicks

headlines, weather, sports, politics

Major newspapers: The Blue Pork Limes, The Quashing-fun Toast, The Ball Feet Colonel, Blue-Mess-Hay Too-fey

New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today

(These rhymes were a hoot)

Yard debris: sleeves, blocks, bold sires, token boys

(Thanks! ツ )

leaves, rocks, old tires, broken toys (Hahaha! Loved yours too!)

More yard debris: ranches, wines, token far-see-you, busted fawn snares




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