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  ~ Please think of a word that rhymes
     with the previously posted word, and
     then leave another word to be rhymed.
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     I will begin with...

  ~  computer 

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P gumbooter :^ ), p space, p assistant, p touch

Half: halfbay, halflime(show), my letter half, half an oaf is better than some 

(Hahaha! "p dumb-suitor"=personal computer, but I LOVE "personal gumbooter"!)

halfway, halftime, my better half, half a loaf is better than none (good one!)

Whole: w-come, w-neat dead, I crate the w bling! (from an old commercial), w-whalers

Wholesome, w wheat bread, ate the whole thing, wholesalers

Box: box bunch, box strutter, the box pep, (remember that?), box orafice

box lunch, box cutter, box step (YUP!), box office

Lunch: l-rhyme, l-fox, l fate, bout to l

Lunch time, lunch box, lunch date, out to lunch

Control: pelf-control, connote control. Control pop santi-toes 

self-control, remote control, control top pantyhose

Abandon: fey a, a-rent, pith a,  a dope all wee who center beer!

Gay abandon, abandonment, with abandon, a hope all ye who enter here. 

Bottom: bottom holler, Soggy Bottom,  bottom's pup

bottom dollar, Foggy Bottom (Haha!), bottum's up!

Top: t-wide, t holler, T Hat (old cartoon), puffin t

Topside, top dollar, Top Cat, muffin top 

Life: life bard,  life tote, life tooey, life-and-beth

lifeguard, lifeboat, lifebuoy, life and death

Death: D's-bed Cloth (insect), mud-in d, d bell, pick to d

Death's Head moth, sudden death, death knell, kick to death

Coast: least coast, best coast, Coast Pard, coast-ding belong in strife

east coast, west coast, Coast Guard, coasting along in life

Mountain: Pig Flock Dandy M (old kids' song), m-wide, m ass, Slime Every M (song in a musical) 




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