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  ~ Please think of a word that rhymes
     with the previously posted word, and
     then leave another word to be rhymed.
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     I will begin with...

  ~  computer 

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Breast pocket, chicken breast, beat one's breast, breastplate

Drop: crane drop, dropsox, drop stick, drop bread

raindrop, dropbox, drop kick, drop dead (hahaha!)

Bread: gayly b, b tasket, b hooding, b-sick

Daily bread, bread basket, bread pudding, bread stick

Step/s: sootsteps, step tool, step-smother, step bladder

footsteps, step stool, stepmother, step ladder

Pool: sidle p, p fable, dimming p, p-wide

Tidal pool, pool table, swimming pool, poolide 

Plastic: plastic bumblers, plastic trapper, plastic perjury, "Plastic Bombastic Glover," (Jefferson Airplane)

plastic tumblers, plastic wrapper, plastic surgery, Plastic Fantastic Lover

Movie: m crop-borne, violent m, m toaster, Hollywood m (East Indian)

Popcorn, silent, poster, Bollywood

Water: w pride, w bower, w fresh-nuts, w lark 

water slide, water power, water chestnuts, water park

Fire: f-seed, damp-f, f-ban, dawn-f

 Fireweed, campfire, fireman, bon fire.

Earth: earthflake, earth smother, earth cues, earth-louver 

earthquake, earth mother, Earth Shoes (blast from the past), earthmover

Moon: m-cape, pull m, m-night, far-vest m

Moonscape, full moon, moonlight, harvest moon

Letter: clavicle letters, The Charlotte Letter, lettervans packet, letter of designation

capital letters, The Scarlett Letter (I loved the movie version with Gary Oldman), letterman's jacket, letter of resignation

Personal: p dumb-suitor, p place, p resistant, p crutch




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